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Hey there—would you like to learn English?

Most of us spend a heck of a lot of time thinking about the things we want but don’t have. We talk about our dreams and share them with others; we plan our ambitions and set challenging goals. And then… nothing. Nothing at all.

Choose to Learn English

Excuses. Quitting. Maybe tomorrow. Sounds familiar?

Quitting is just that—quitting. This isn’t some sort of earth-shattering revelation. It’s the most common thing in the world to see people not make a single stride towards their goals—and all the while they talk nonstop about their intentions.Willingness to Learn English

You need to truly decide that you want this for yourself and be committed to pay the cost (and this website is free, so your only cost is time). Do you or do you not want to learn English? Yes or No?

If the answer is Yes, then let’s show you around.

First things first: this place has a different take on the process of learning English. The problem with a lot of academia and English learning websites is that they bundle up a bunch of irregular verbs, exercises, grammar tests, phrasal verbs, and so on and then shove them down your throat. It’s expected of you to absorb this dry, cookie-cutter information like a sponge.

(Not all English teachers are like this; in fact some are downright amazing. If you’ve found one, count yourself lucky!)

But many others aren’t so lucky to find that one amazing teacher. Is it any wonder that so many people feel discouraged when faced with the great task of learning a language?

Well, no more. Learning can be a heck of a lot of fun.

You are provided with the basic stuff that you would get on any other website or book or class: exercises, quizzes, vocabulary, etc. This website, however, goes the extra mile.

Countries like Denmark, Sweden, Israel and the Netherlands have an English literacy rate of over eighty-five percent. Unlike Spain, which dubs every piece of foreign media, the Nordic countries are exposed to English on a daily basis.

You will have a very difficult time with English if your only experience with English is a bunch of grammar books. That’s not how people learn languages.