About This Site

The reason for the existence of this particular website is simple: to help Portuguese, Spanish and English people learn the English language in an informative and enjoyable way. The domain was registered on April, 2015, and I added articles one by one, always making sure that I offered good quality information. This growing website is the result of many long hours of work and research; of trudging through various books; of analyzing multiple theories and paradigms and perspectives and conflicting points of view.

There are many, many websites dedicated to the English language out there, so why did I build another one in 2015?

Because the information available wasn’t good enough, especially in Spanish and Portuguese. These countries have low rates of English literacy, and I deeply feel that this is both unnecessary and harmful. The Internet has created a metropolis of information. At your fingertips is an infinite amount of information in multiple languages, yet there is a discrepancy: web information in English is, most of the time, superior to the information available in Portuguese and Spanish.

English and Chinese are the top languages of the web, followed by Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese. As someone who is fluent in the three languages of this website, I see the issues. The Spanish and Portuguese wikipedias are much smaller than their English counterpart; state-of-the-art science and technology is often not adopted as quickly as it should, precisely because of the language barrier. Top universities across America are showing the world what their classes look like. A twelve-year-old boy from Portugal with Internet access can watch amazing lectures on computer science, Latin, history, abstract algebra, quantum mechanics, poetry, and much, much more… under one condition:

This twelve-year-old boy must understand English.

It’s no coincidence that countries like the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have such a large English-speaking population and an incredible quality of life. It’s precisely because twelve-year-old boys and girls in these countries already know enough English to read and watch almost anything they want. Any book, any website, any journal… is at their fingertips.

And so with this place I attempt to tip the scales. Time will tell if I succeed. And hey, I enjoy writing about whatever I want, and this website is my outlet.