Beautiful Phrases in English

The English language allows one to combine words to form sentences. With beautiful wordforged phrases we can persuade audiences, run for president and even change the world.

I initially thought that it would be a good idea to gather a few different phrases from my favorite novels and put them here, but I think it’s more interesting to throw beautiful quotes, novels, poems and even non-fiction books into the mix.

I’m not religious but some religious books contain very beautiful phrases, so those will be included as well.

This article is a tribute to the English language—enjoy!

Beautiful Phrases in English About Love

Love is a Spark Lost in the Dark

The soul’s longing for God is the most potent anguish, the most primal pain. Just as love is the essence of the path, so is longing its agent of transformation.

Love is a Fire: The Sufi’s Mystical Journey Home, by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

The essence of God, rather, is trinitarian and consists essentially in love. For love is the essence that the Persons have in common. They do not possess love; they are love; they are bathed in a single, common love, a love that is common to them as is the unity of the Divine Being. Each Person loves the others with the same identical love with which they are loved. God is not a lover; God is love, and this love has a threefold form.

The Word Becomes Flesh: Meditations on John 1-5, by Adrienne von Speyr

Love is the essence of all that is and all that will be. It brings us into being at the beginning, and embraces our souls at the end. Love is the insurmountable strength of all creation. It allows us to overcome the simplest obstacle or the deepest tragedy. Love is all the innocence of a child and all the wisdom of the old. Love is the universal force of nature, where all things begin and all things end. It is the stars, the moon, and the sun. The very core of our existence. Love keeps its own counsel and will not bend to another’s will.

Tales From The Bard’s Son, by Michelle Valens

Beautiful Phrases in English About Life

Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated - Confucius

Life is an extraordinary mystery—not the mystery in books, not the mystery that people talk about, but a mystery that one has to discover for oneself; and that is why it is so grave a matter that you should understand the little, the narrow, the petty, and go beyond it.

By Krishnamurti

Life is an adventure. Decide that, no matter how today turns out, you are going to enjoy whatever the day brings. Each new day brings you an abundance of gifts — open your eyes to them.

Get a Life by Arvind Devalia

Life’s an endless bag of goodies that I’ve just begun to loot.

The Panoptikon: An Adventure of Poetic Thought Upon The Myriad Realms Of Observable Space, Of Walls, And Of Human Perspective, by Steven P. Pody

Beautiful Phrases in English About Friendship

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out - Walter Winchell

Developing a friendship is, in essence, a training in looking outward beyond and away from self-interest—only one step away from letting go of personal preconceptions, a prerequisite for the expansion of insight. Genuine friendship is therefore a highly effective source of spiritual transformation.

A Meditation on Friendship, by Brian Lundberg

Friendship is an eternal emotion. To call something Friendship is to limit it to a particular thing. Free from limits, you experience the mystery. Caught between boundaries, you feel only the practice. The mystery and the practice come from within.

The Way of Friendship, by Perry Treadwell

Friendship comes to symbolize transcendence in that it leads us to reach out to others and come into communion with them, a process which brings about order in the form of human life and also preserves the distinctness of each individual. God himself is a sociable being, and the ways in which his different parts relate to each other is an indication of how we ought to relate to each other in the human world. 

Friendship East and West: Philosophical Perspectives, by Oliver Leaman