Black Idioms

As black as the minister’s coat: An idiom that isn’t used all that much nowadays. It’s just a fancy way of saying that something is black.

Black Friday: The sales day that comes after Thanksgiving Day on Thursday in the good ol’ U.S.A.

Black Maria: Another idiom that doesn’t see much modern use. A means of transport for the police force, usually to move prisoners around.

Black as a raven’s feather: Yet another idiom that you don’t see much of. It means evil or just very black.

Black as night: Dark. You can replace the word night here with anything dark, such as coal.

Black as the Devil: Dark. Or evil.

Any colour - so long as it's black.

Black babies: An Irish outdated racist idiom for groups that need aid.

Black gold: Petroleum. Its monetary value makes it gold.

Black on black: This can be used in several different ways. It can be used with transportation (such as cards) to explain their color scheme (in this case, completely black). It can be used to explain something is illegible of invisible. Also, it can mean communication (often hostile) between two African Americans.

Black sheep of the family: The member of the family that is viewed as different, unique or inferior. Usually used with negative connotations.

Black-collar worker: Someone who works in black markets, or just someone who wears a lot of black.

Blacklist: A list of banned individuals, groups or companies.

Little black book: A database with important information.

Paint the black: Baseball jargon. A consistent pitcher who often reaches the strike zone.

Pot calling the kettle black: Calling out someone when you yourself are guilty of the same thing.

The black ox has trod upon my foot: Black ox is a metaphor for Satan. This idiom means bad luck.

This side of the black stump: Australian way of saying local community.

Black as the devil.

Words that start with Black

Blackberry: A soft berry.

Blackbirder: Someone who kidnaps people so he or she can use them as workers (slaves, really).

Blackboard: Dark slate used in schools to help students understand lessons.

Blackguard: A rascal. Alternatively, army followers.

Blackheart: Evil.

Blackjack: The card game. Can also be a weapon that looks like a club.

Blackmail: Extortion.

Blacksmith: An individual who makes iron accessories.

Blacksnake: A snake with a particularly dark color.

Blackthorn: A tree. Also the name of a village in Oxfordshire, England.

Blackwater: A kidney disease. Also a kind of pollution that occurs during coal preparation.