Blue Idioms

Blue wall of silence: Used when police officers conceal unlawful or immortal activities.

Blue screen of death: In earlier versions of windows, if the operating system crashed, a blue screen would appear and you were forced to reset the computer.

Blue eyed boy: A derogatory saying used to insult men who are treated well by someone in power. Mostly used in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Blue balls: It’s supposed to be a painful problem that guys have when they don’t have sex. In reality, there’s probably no such thing.

I do have blue eyes.

Between the devil and the deep blue sea: You must choose between two very difficult choices. Usually, neither of the choices are actually appealing, but you have no choice but to pick one of them.

Burn with a low blue flame: Very angry, but not showing it.

Come out of a clear blue sky: Something appears all of a sudden; an unexpected event happens.

Cuss a blue streak: Curse a lot.

Like a bolt from the blue: Suddenly, a surprise manifests itself in a completely unexpected way.

What in blue blazes: Another way of saying what the hell?

Dip into the blue: Saying something quite obscene.

Talk until you’re blue in the face: To talk, talk, talk and talk some more until you are utterly and completely spent.

Turn the air blue: Utilizing obscene language in rapid bursts.

Once in a blue moon: Perhaps the most common idiom of all that utilizes the word blue. It means rarely or almost never.

Words that start with Blue

Blueberry: A delicious berry.

The little windflower.

Bluebonnet: A strange-looking purplish flower (sorry, Texas!) and the official flower of Texas.

Bluebottle: An insect.

Bluegrass: Fairly normal-looking grass. The color is green.

Bluetongue: A disease that affects mostly sheep.

Blueshift: This one’s hard to explain because it’s an astronomy thing, but it basically means the displacement of wavelengths from far-away celestial objects.

Blueprint: A sketch or plan of something.

Bluejacket: A navy sailor.

Bluebeard: A french fairy tale.

Bluefish: A fish, pomatomus saltatrix.

The sky, the sky beyond the door is blue.

Bluestone: Building stones

Bluebell: A plant.