Definition of White

White, one of nature’s most omnipresent colors, is the color of snow, bird poop, chalk, dental floss, toilet paper, cream cheese, healthy teeth, salt and a million other things. Through our eyes, we perceive this color when, and only when, the incoming light to the eye simultaneously stimulates all our eye cone cells.

White is a color that is often favored by brides in the West. Judo traditionally starts with a white belt because white is thought to represent purity and innocence.

White can refer to the color itself: “white color”; an object: “white disk, white powder”; a human being : “white child”; a scientific term: “white dwarf, white blood cell” and a great many other things.

Words That Start With White

There are a number of words that start with the word white, such as:

Whitebait: the collective word for the young members of several species of fish. Whitebait is a word typically reserved for herrings and sprats.

Whitebeard: just like graybeard, whitebeard is a nickname given to old men. Not to be confused with bluebeard (a man who marries a woman, kills her, marries again, kills his second wife, and repeats this pattern over and over).

Whitecap: a whitecap is the crest of a wave exploding into white foam. This is one of my favorite words; used by author and 2015 Pulitzer prize winner Anthony Doerr. Take a look at this beautiful sentence from his book: the sea glides along far below, spattered with the countless chevrons of whitecaps.

Whiteface: white makeup, such as what you might see on a clown. Can also refer to a white-faced animal.

Whitefish: fish found in cold northern waters, such as cod.

Whitefly: the pest and insect scientifically know as trialeurodes vaporariorum. They munch on plant leaves, carry diseases and ruin food production.

Whitewall: a car tire with a white band close to the rim of the wheel. In North America, a whitewall haircut is an army-style haircut where the hair on the left and right sides of the head is removed.

Whitewash: a chemical solution used for the purpose of painting walls white. Also refers to winning in a game where the opponent scores no points. Example: the Patriots outscored the opposing team 10-0 in the five-game whitewash.

Whitewing: a street sweeper with a white uniform; this word came into existence due to New York City’s Department of Sanitation, whose members used to wear all-white uniforms.

Whitewood: light-colored wood.