Etymology of Administration

Administration is defined in a number of dictionaries as the act of running an organization, business, school or any other human-made system.

Synonyms of administration include regulation, management and supervision.

The person who performs to act of administration is an administrator.

For example, a system administrator, also known as a sysadmin, is an individual who is responsible for the maintenance of various computer systems. The Administrator is also a Marvel character.


The word administration comes from the Latin administrare (which then turned into administratio and administrationis).

In Old French: administration; in Middle English: administracioun.

The oldest known reference to the word administration was found in texts written in the middle of the fourteenth century.

Administration in Spanish is administración; in Dutch it’s administratie; in Portuguese: adiministração; in Italian: amministrazione; in French: administration; in Swedish: administrering; In Esperanto: administracio; in Romanian: administrare; in Malay: administrasi; in Tagalog: administrasyon; in Norwegian: administrasjon; In Latvian: administrācija.


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