Examples of Technical Nouns

Technical nouns are nouns that are only used in specific fields, such as science, medicine, etc.

It’s important to understand that many official manuals of the English language, such as the Chicago Manual of Style, etc, don’t actually label such a thing as “technical nouns”, but there are others that do identify them as their own separate category. I find it interesting that so many teachers actually teach their students technical nouns, given that they aren’t actually official.

That being said, here are a few examples of technical nouns from each discipline. I’ve selected biology, astronomy, medicine, microbiology and sociology but remember that any discipline has its own terms. Engineering, architecture, physics and so on also have valid technical nouns.


Deoxyribonucleic (acid) – Also known as DNA, the building blocks of life.

Molecule – A group of atoms kept together through chemical bonds.

Taxonomy – The naming of biological organisms.


Vacuum – A physical space that has no matter.

Galaxy – A system of stars and other such objects.

Constellation – A group of stars.


Antacid – Something that helps remove acid from the stomach.

Dermatitis – Skin inflammation.

Cancer – One of the deadliest diseases.


Protozoa – Unicellular eukaryotic organisms.

Virology – The study of viruses

Rotavirus – A common childhood virus.


Welfare – Social support for the citizens of a country.

Stratification (social) – The ranking of people via a system.

Secularization – The loss of the power of religion within a society.

That’s it! Can you think of any more technical nouns?