Grammarly Review 2016

Grammarly is, as far as I’m aware, the best grammar checker out there as of 2016. It uses more than 250 grammar rules to make sure that your text is as mistake-free as possible. It was founded in 2009 by Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko.

Grammarly is, in essence, a superior version of free programs like OpenOffice Writer and Microsoft Word.

In fact, Grammarly has a plugin that enhances Microsoft Word, making it better, as well as extensions for Chrome and Firefox. The browser extensions are free and can then be used wherever you want. So if you’re typing a message on Facebook or your e-mail client, you can use Grammarly.

Grammarly goes where you go.

You can also buy Grammarly Premium, the best version of Grammarly. the way it works is very simple—you copy and paste your text into the online text editor. Grammarly’s many grammar rules will then make sure that your text is as perfect as it can be.

The Premium version is used by some of the most respected universities and companies in the world and has a lot of great reviews. Forbes said that “Grammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better”.

Grammarly even protects you from things that Word doesn’t check like misuse of the passive voice, possibly confused words, wordy sentences and vague words.

I remember giving Grammarly a shot back in 2011-2012 and it wasn’t all that great. It has improved a lot since 2012 and as of 2016, it’s a solid plugin/extension/spell checker.

It’s a great tool with no downside. Just install the free extension and see how you like it. Your Internet experience will never be the same again.

Can Grammarly Replace Proofreaders?

No. Grammarly is good, but not that good. It’s a piece of online software that is based on algorithms. It can’t review fiction at the same level as a human can. If you need that kind of advanced proofreading, I believe Grammarly does give you the option of contacting a professional proofreader to lend you a hand.

Test-driving Grammarly

One of my favorite things about the Chrome extension is the fact that I can double-click on any word and I’ll instantly get the definition of that word. So for example, if I double-click on the word widget, this shows up:Definition of Widget

You can also choose whether to write in American English or British English.

American English or British English?

So let’s take this baby for a spin. I’m writing this on July 15, 2016. Can Grammarly keep up? Let’s see:

The meaning of life is cherries and bananas. And also pie.

This sentance is wrong.

Why is John so damn lazy about his chores? Why can’t he do what he’s supposed to do?

My uncle is a big slob and won’t do anything I ask of him. What do I have to do to get him to do actual work around here?

Grammarly correctly identified that “sentance” was misspelled. Excellent! Let’s try something harder:

You probably had your little henchmen send out the message that you are not going to do anything about that right now, yet I enssure you—victory will be ours.

This is a history of architecture from the cutting-edge of present-day research. If you want to keep your head while studying all this darned history, you better pay attention.

I’m exploreing a new theory in neuroscience: the idea that the brain is essentially a piece of meat-like jelly that tries to make accurate predictions according to data from wild jungles in Africa.

It correctly identified the errors in “enssure” and “exploreing” and didn’t generate any errors where there weren’t any. Good! Something even harder:

That giant dinosaur is going to kill him if I do something really, really, really stupid. I don’t want to do something that stupid so I’m not going to be dumb. Clearly, it’s stronger than me and I don’t want it’s food. It can eat whatever it wants as long as its not me.

Grammarly correctly understood the errors in “it’s” and “its” in this sentence. Here is what was shown:

Grammarly confused contraction and possessive.

At this point, I’m definitely convinced that this is not the same Grammarly we had back in 2011. It’s clear that they’ve put a lot of work into this tool to make it the best in the industry.

Download the free Grammarly extension and give it a spin.