Green Idioms

A hedge between keeps friendship green: A proverb that is used when you want to explain to someone that privacy between friends builds stronger bonds.

Be green about the gills: To be sick and looking like you are about to vomit. Another similar green folding idiom, blue around the gills, is used for alcohol intoxication.

Be green with envy: A fancier way of saying that you are envious.

Flourish like a green bay tree: Success and growth.

My passport's green.

Give the green light: It’s OK to proceed with whatever it is you are doing or planning.

God’s green earth: A fancier way of saying Earth.

Green as grass: Quite green.

Green folding: The act of folding money.

Green light: It’s OK to go ahead and do what it is you want to do.

Green paper: A British report with governmental policies.

Green state: A U.S. state where the Green Party is favored. Can also be used to refer to a state that is environmentally friendly.

Green thumb: You have miracle hands and are able to make plants grow as if by magic. You have a way with nature.

Greenhorn: Someone who is inexperienced and doesn’t quite know what to do. A rookie.

Sure as God made little green apples: An extremely fancy (and rural) way of saying “yeah, I’m sure of it”.

The green-eyed monster: Jealousy.

The rub of the green: Good fortune.

Green is the prime color of the world.

Words that start with Green

Greenbacker: Someone who supports U.S. paper currency.

Greenfly: A tiny insect that destroys plants.

Greenhead: Horseflies.

Greenhouse: A building where plants are grown. It’s usually made of glass.

Greenkeeper: The individual who takes care of a golf course.

Greenlight: It’s OK to proceed.

Greenroom: A chamber in a television studio where actors can rest after (or before) they go out and perform.

The golden tree of life springs ever green.

Greensand: A deposit of galuconite and smecite.

Greenstone: Another type of mineral. Can be used to refer to chlorastrolite, elvan, pounamu, etc.

Greenwood: Unseasoned wood; a very green forest.