Learn English in Malta: Opinions

The purpose of this article is to be as unbiased as possible, and, as such, it will be divided into positive opinions and negative opinions. It should be noted that, if you are already fairly fluent in English, Malta may not be the place for you. It’s geared towards beginners and, if you’re aiming to learn the finer threads of the English language, it’s probably better if you look for something else. So here we go:

Negative Opinions

1) Immersion

In Malta they speak Maltese and English, not just English. You can’t really completely immerse yourself in the language, unlike London or Ireland.

In Dublin’s pubs everything is in English, the waiters speak in English, the supermarket clerks speak in English. Everything is in English. In Malta, its a mixture of Maltese and English and Italian.

Learning English in Malta is a very positive experience, but I think that the only thing missing is that there’s too much non-English in your surroundings. Like, there’s a ton of English, no doubt, and a lot more than in a country that doesn’t speak much English… but face it, Malta is no London.

Etc. As you can see, the problem here is that people aren’t getting the “immersion experience” that they get in places like the United States and Ireland and the United Kingdom

2) It’s Very Popular

There are too many foreigners. Apart from classes, I really don’t get to listen to much English at all.

I go to Malta expecting to be surrounded by English everywhere, but there are so many foreigners here that I end up speaking in my native language most of the time.

As a Spanish person, when I got to Malta I shared a flat with people from France, Russia, Spain and Colombia. At first we talked in our basic English and we practiced and we got better, but as time went on, I started speaking in Spanish with my friends from Colombia and Spain.

Etc. The problem here is similar to the first one. You’re surrounded by people like you, and you can dive into the English language completely

3) Other Small Things

The streets are dirty.

It’s too hot.

In general, the most negativity seems to come from the fact that you cannot truly, completely immerse yourself in the English language in Malta. There’s little you can do about it as about ten percent of the population are students seeking to learn English.

Positive Opinions

1) So Cheap!

When I stayed in London it was impossible to go out and grab a bite to eat in a restaurant more than once a week. Stuff is simply too expensive. In Malta everything is sooooo cheap.

The hard truth is this: most people who go to Malta instead of London or Dublin do so because it’s much cheaper. You can eat in restaurants for less than 10€, pounds of food cost next to nothing, rent is dirt-cheap, public services are even cheaper, and if you live in your academy, you’ll pay even less. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

2) The Weather

I love the weather in Malta. It’s so hot and the sun shines so brightly and I can go to the beach whenever I want!

The subtropical-Mediterranean weather of Malta is a wondrous thing to behold indeed.

3) The People

What I liked the most about my experience in Malta and the academy was that I was surrounded by young people and we partied almost every day and we did fun stuff all the time. Not only did we learn a bit of English, but we had a blast.

There are even academies in Malta that have a pool. You can imagine how fun the place must be for young people.

4) The English

I improved my level of English and met so many people in Malta… I’ve never enjoyed myself so much in my life!

Conclusion: The negative aspect of studying English in Malta seems to be the fact that you can’t really submerge yourself in the language (unlike, say, London). Furthermore, if you already have a good grasp of the English language, it’s not really the kind of place I would recommend as you may find that even the natives speak a very Maltese kind of English, which sounds weird if you’re from England or the U.S.; however, apart from that, Malta is everything you would expect it to be. A fun little island where you can enjoy yourself, learn some English if you’re a beginner, and party all day long!