List of Proper Adjectives

Proper adjectives are not divided into multiple types in official manuals of the English language such as The Chicago Manual of Style. 

However, through simple observation, we can see that proper adjectives do exist in different realms.

One of these is the proper adjective derived from a historical person.

Take, for example, the word Shakespearean, which comes from William Shakespeare.

From this word alone, you can spawn the following sentences:

  • A Shakespearean tragedy.
  • A Shakespearean stage.
  • Shakespearean melodrama.
  • A brilliant and Shakespearean narrative!
  • That was a Shakespearean moment.
  • This comedy was Shakespearean.
  • He deserves some Shakespearean criticism.
  • That was a Shakespearean performance! Bravo!
  • There’s too much Shakespearean influence in this story.
  • I feel like going to a Shakespearean theater today.

Adjectives that come from proper nouns are capitalized unless the person in question is a fictional character.

Shakespeare is a historical figure and as such, we write Shakespearean and not shakespearean.

Other proper adjectives include:

  • Aristotelian
  • Beethovenian
  • Bismarckian
  • Caesarian
  • Confucian
  • Darwinian
  • Einsteinian
  • Freudian
  • Gaussian
  • Hitlerian
  • Jungian
  • Machiavellian
  • Mozartian
  • Orwellian
  • Newtonian
  • Plutonian
  • Rooseveltian
  • Lincolnian

And so on. There are an endless number of proper adjectives, and that number grows with every passing day.

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