List of Proper Adjectives

A complete list of every proper adjective that exists in the English language cannot truly exist.


Because even if someone spent thousand of hours compiling such a list, it would instantly become incomplete the moment a new proper adjective comes out.

Not only that, but just a list isn’t even all that useful; without some kind of explanation and examples, you can’t even understand what you’re reading.

I’m really not kidding. Some of these can get quite esoteric and downright weird.

Here are a few examples:

Proper Adjective Relation Example
Aalenian Aalenian epoch An Aalenian sea level drop
Abderian People from Abdera The Abderian laughter
Abecedarian Part of the 16th-century Anabaptist cult His Abecedarian poem
Abernethian John Abernethy, the surgeon An Abernethian, self-disciplined style
Abitibian Abitibi, a region of Quebec The Abitibian winter
Abkhazian Abkhazia, a territory in Georgia Her Abkhazian perspective
Acacian The Acacians; or Acacius of Constantinople An Acacian attitude
Acadian Acadia (1604-1713), a colony of New France The Acadian pride
Accadian The Accadian population Accadian belief
Achaemenian The Achaemenid Empire Achaemenian rulership
Acheronian Acheron, a Greek god The Acheronian lake
Achillean Achilles Achillean heroes
Actonian Samuel Acton, the architect An Actonian understanding
Adamsian Douglas Adamas, the English writer Adamasian style
Addisonian Joseph Addison, the English writer; or Addison’s disease Addisonian crisis


You can’t tell me with a straight face that you knew what half of these were. That would be quite the Acacian pride.

Let’s move on; another kind of very common proper adjective can be born out of places.

On the next page is a list of two hundred forty-six countries with proper adjectives along with examples. It includes recently formed countries such as South Sudan and Serbia and Montenegro.

It’s basically a list of nationalities; country demonyms if you will.

Head on to page three to view the list.

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