Pig Idioms

A pig is a hoofed animal with a large head. The word pig has many idioms and related words.

They are very similar to humans, genetically speaking, and often used in research because of this fact.

Descending from the wild boar, there are at least one billion pigs at any time on planet Earth; it is one of the many successfully domesticated animals.

Their diet, when in captivity, usually consists of soybeans, corn, and water.

Besides their meat, pig bone gelatine is used to help transport gunpowder. Paint brush is made from their hair; hemoglobin from pig’s blood is used as a coloring agent in dog food, and so on.

You can put wings on a pig, but you don't make it an eagle.

Idioms With the Word Pig

Eat like a pig: Perhaps the most common idiom that uses the word pig. Eating like a pig is simply to eat food in a very passionate way and/or ignoring social rules of engagement.

Fat as a pig: A not-so-nice way of saying that someone or something is rather fat.

Guinea pig: Another very commonly used word. A guinea pig is actually a domesticated rodent from South America, but the idiom is used to refer to an animal or person that is used for experiments.

If pigs had wings they would fly: A proverb used to express disbelief or to criticize someone’s claim.

Lipstick on a pig: A way of saying that no matter how much pretty things you stuff into a person or product, it is still fundamentally ugly and no amount of cosmetics (lipstick) is going to fix it.

Make a pig of: The act of eating way too much. Example: Timmy, stop eating so much spaghetti—you’re making a pig of yourself!

Pig heaven: Can mean several things, such as a police station, or just somewhere where you’re really happy. Also known as hog heaven.

Pig in a poke: Something that is not as valuable as it seems to be.

Pig it: Living in a dirty environment.

Pig’s arse: An expression you use when you don’t believe what someone is saying.

Pig’s eye: Same as above—used when you don’t believe someone.

Pigs might fly: Used when you want to say that something is never gonna happen. Example: Oh she’s coming this Thursday? Yeah, sure, and pigs might fly.

Pigs to the slaughter: Similar to lambs to the slaughter; when a large group of people go somewhere in an organized fashion and without resistance.

Squeal like a pig: To yell loudly and, usually, in a painful way.

Sweat like a pig: To sweat a lot.

I'm a selfish, little pig of a man.

Words that start with Pig

Being a 3-letter word, there are quite a few of these. Most of them are related to our hoofed friend.

Pigboat: An early type of American submarine that was called pigboat in a derogatory fashion. It didn’t have periscopes and traveling inside the submarine was generally a miserable experience for the crew as all the sweat and gasoline inundated the air. The plural of this word is pigboats.

Pigeon: A bird with small legs and a tiny head that is often found in urban settings. Plural: pigeons.

Pigeonhole: A tiny hole where domestic pigeons can make a nest. It can also be a small chamber where letters can be stored. The plural is pigeonholes.

Pigeonholed: The act of classifying separate things into categories. Example: He pigeonholed her as a bookworm. Also, a pigeonholer is someone who pigeonholes.

Pigeonite: A calcium-rich mineral with a color ranging from gray to silver. It can be found in meteorites or volcanic rocks. The plural is pigeonites.

Pigeonwing: A unique skating position or dance step. The plural is pigeonwings.

Pigfish: Also known as piggy or piggy perch, pigfishes are usually found in bays.

Pigged: To eat food like a madman. The expressions pig out, pigged out and pigging out are commonly used.

Piggery: The place where pigs where kept. Piggeries is the plural.

Piggie: Alternative way of saying piggy, made popular by the Beatles in their song “Piggies”. Other forms of this word include piggier and piggiest.

Piggin: A wooden pail (piggins is the plural).

Never wrestle with a pig.

Pigginess: To be like a pig. Another way of saying this is piggishness.

Piggy: Like a pig. Also a nice way of saying pig. If you want to be not-so-nice, piglike can also be used.

Piggyback: To ride on someone’s back.

Pigheaded: Stubborn.

Piglet: Winnie-the-Pooh’s best friend, or just a young pig.

Pigment: The color of living things.

Pigmy: The plural is pigmies. African people with short height, but usually used in an informal fashion to say that someone or something is small.

Pignoli: An italian cookie.

Pignolia: A pine nut.

Pignora: Also known as pignus; it means pledge.

Pignut: An herb referenced by Shakespeare.

Pigpen: A pen for pigs. Also, Ron Mckernan’s nickname and a character on Peanuts.

Pigskin: The skin of a pig, but is also sometimes used to refer to a football.

Pigsney: A way of saying “sweetheart”.

Pigstick: To hunt wild boars.

Pigsty: A pen for pigs; the plural is pigsties.

Pigtail: A special type of wire used in electrical devices; also a king of hair style.

Pigweed: Amaranth, a toxic plant that harms livestock.