Positive Word for Problem

It can sometimes be a problem to find a positive word for problem, but have no fear–there are a few other euphemisms you can use.

These words can be used instead of problem.

Issue: Not a very good one; practically the same as problem. Not a very positive word.

Fix: As in, “I’m in a fix”. This is a nicer way of saying it but ultimately it is a word that implies that you’re in a stressful situation.

Jam: As in, “he’s in a jam”. One of the better ones. Jam just sounds so nice.

Other synonyms of problem include snag, conundrum and quandary.

As you can see, synonyms just won’t cut it, so we have to learn a bit from how marketing teams like to frame things. Businesses don’t like to call things problematic even if that’s the truth of the situation. Instead, they make it seem like these so-called problems are different things entirely. And thus we come to a new set of words:

Challenge: Your issue is no longer a problem but a challenge to overcome. It is a puzzle, a thing that improves you as a human being. If you’re from America, a challenge is something that you get through to get to your rewards.

Opportunity: Even better—now your problem isn’t even a problem; it is simply an opportunity to achieve something greater. This of course is so some extent deceitful as some problems really are problems, but by framing them as opportunities, you have taken all the negativity out of it.

Here a couple of nice sentences that put a positive on problems:

  • Your mother has cancer. It’s a challenge she has to overcome.

  • This debt is an opportunity to find a job and become a better person.

  • I’ve lost my wife, my car and my career, but this challenge is a test from God so I can improve myself.

  • This broken leg is an opportunity to write my book.

  • I’ll be dead in ten days according to the doctors—the perfect opportunity to watch T.V. all day.