Review of Inline Translation Services

Inline Translation Services, Inc is a translation company that has existed since 1983 (although it began as a private language school). Their website has been online since 1999. They’ve been around for a very long time. Given that my website has so many people coming in from the U.S. and several Spanish countries, I thought that a small review would be appropriate.

You can e-mail Inline at Their headquarters is in Glendale, California, about ten miles north of downtown Los Angeles. Inline is the brainchild of Richard S. Paegelow.

The company has been very successful and has been steadily growing, in great part due to the quality of their service. They used to have only about 130 translators in 2001. As of 2016, they have more than 500.

Their specialty is Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation. They can translate anything, even the most obscure or scientific texts. It’s a good idea to look at Inline Translation Services not as just another translation company because they’re really not.

They’re more expensive than your average translation company; they’re also much, much better. If quality is what you’re looking for, it’s difficult to recommend a better company. I don’t want to outright say that they’re the very best… but they probably are. If you have any questions about pricing, I talk about the price of professional translation services elsewhere.

Inline Translation Services’ 7-Step Process

Inline Translation Services uses a 7-step process that they’ve refined for more than thirty years. In order:

  1. They identify the target market and review all source text so they can fix anything that’s wrong.

  2. Inline then manages all available terminology.

  3. They get a highly trained translator. Inline translators have people among them that have translated for Presidents. The best of the best.

  4. Inline gets a highly trained editor. He or she double and triple checks that everything is in order. The editors are also top-notch.

  5. All formatting issues are solved on the fifth step.

  6. You are given the translation for review. Inline has very specific review guidelines to make sure that this step is completed as quickly as possible.

  7. And finally, they review everything once again to make sure that the final version is as perfect as possible.

With thousands of projects under Inline Translation Services’ belt and some of the world’s finest translators, no project is too great or too small. Check them out if high quality translation is what you’re looking for.