Snake Idioms

A snake is an elongated reptile. Contrary to popular belief, most snakes are nonvenomous. You will probably not die from a snake bite due to poison, statistics-wise. There are a few types of snake that do have venom powerful enough to kill a human, but such cases are very rare.

Pythons and anacondas are the largest snakes.

Snakes have a skin that is completely covered in scales. They shed these scales from time to time.

All snakes are carnivorous. If you have a pet mouse, beware!

Chanakya snake quote.

Idioms with Snake

Go at it like a boy killing snakes: Do an activity with a lot of vigor.

If it was a snake it would have bit you: Expression used to indicate that “it” was in close proximity.

Like fighting snakes: Chaos.

Nursing a snake in one’s bosom: The act of taking care of someone who turns out to be traitorous or deceitful.

Seeing snakes: You drank too much alcohol.

Snake along: To move in a serpentine fashion, the same way a snake does.

Snake eyes: The two in dice, but also also be used to refer to a wrestling move performed by The Undertaker.

Snake in the grass: A hated and deceitful individual.

Snake oil: Products or advice that are deceitful or simply useless.

Trouser snake: Also known as trouser trout. Refers to the penis.

Words that start with Snake

Snakebird: A type of bird that has a long neck.

Snakebite: A bite, from a snake. Can also be used to refer to the poisoning that happens when you are bitten by a poisonous snake.

Kill the snake of doubt.

Snaked: The past tense of snake, a verb that means “to move in a serpentine way”. Example: he snaked along the labyrinth.

Snakefish: Any fish that looks a bit like a snake gets called this.

Snakehead: Not to be confused with the head of a snake. A snakehead is a predatory fish from Africa and Asia. They are often used in pot dishes.

Snakelike: Similar to a snake; with serpentine qualities.

Snakepit: Literally means a pit full of snakes. In reality, this is used as a metaphor for a very dangerous environment. Example: don’t go there John! It’s a snake pit out there.

Snakeroot: Plants that possess the capability to cure poisonous bites from snakes.

Snakeskin: The skin of a snake, often used as leather for boots, shoes, belts or handbags. Can also be used to refer to the skin that snakes shed.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

Snakeweed: Used in the same way as snakeroot; plants that can reverse the negative effects of snakebite.

Snakey: An adjective; like a snake.