20 Spanish Cuss Words

Need a few Spanish cuss words for your next party? Here’s twenty of them to fill all your needs.

  1. Hijo de putaSon of a bitch. Used extremely often in all forms of Spanish. Here’s an example: “el hijo de puta de tu hermano no se quiso casar conmigo”, which means: “The son of a bitch of a brother didn’t want to marry me”.
  2. CabrónAsshole. Also used very often. Example: “vete al carajo y déjame dormir cabrón”, which means: “go to hell and let me sleep you asshole”.
  3. Gilipollas – Also asshole, but this one is only used within Spain. “Eres un un gillipollas borracho” in English: “You’re a drunk asshole”.
  4. MierdaShit, though when translating to to other languages with their own cuss words, the end result of the translation may look quite different. Take for example this phrase: “en que mierda estuviste pensando?”. In English this is “What the shit were you thinking?”.
  5. JoderFuck. Again, when translating you sometimes don’t translate it as literally, such as in this example: “Joder amigo, no te he dicho nada”, which in English is: “Goddammit friend, I didn’t say anything to you”.
  6. LameculosAsslicker. Used to call out someone for kissing up to their superiors. “Eres un idiota y un lameculos” means “You’re an idiot and an asslicker”.
  7. MierdasecaDry shit. A rare insult even within Spain.
  8. TocapelotasBall-toucher. Used to call someone annoying. “Soy un tocapelotas” means “I’m a ball-toucher”.
  9. CretinoCretin. This isn’t used that often within Spanish countries and is, in fact, more of an Italian word (they say it a lot in Italy) than anything. But you want your arsenal of cuss words to be as big as possible, right?
  10. PerraBitch. Literally means “female dog”, and the male equivalent is “perro”.
  11. BastardoBastard. Another word used quite often in Italy.
  12. EstúpidoStupid. Almost every language seems to have some word for stupid. Germany has blöd, Portugal has estúpido, and France has stupide.
  13. RetardadoRetard. Not a nice thing to say.
  14. Gilipuertas – A nicer way of saying gilipollas, means “dumb”.
  15. BerzotasTwit.
  16. AnalfabestiaIgnorant. It’s a combination of the words “analfabeto”, which means Illiterate, and bestia, which means “beast”.
  17. DescerebradoBrainless.
  18. Malasombra – Literally “evil shadow”. It’s used to attack someone who is trying to be funny but isn’t funny at all.
  19. Vete al carajoGo to hell.
  20. Orate – A careless and not too bright individual.