Thank You Idioms

Thanks (typically a noun or an interjection) is an English word used to express gratitude or to simply acknowledge someone. Thank (a verb, usually) is used with an object, such as in he thanked her for her deep kindness.

This word comes from the Old English thanc. The original meaning of “thank you” is, curiously enough, “I will remember what you did for me rather than a simple expression of unbound gratitude.

One of the reasons why English folks have such a habit of saying thank you so much is because of the economic expansion that started in the late 13th century (known as the Commercial Revolution).

The rise of the usage of “thank you” seems to coincide with the the construction of international trade networks, insurance companies and stock exchanges that arose during the Commercial Revolution.

Thank You!

Idioms with the Expression “Thank You”

I can’t thank you enough (for something): Used when you’re very thankful. It is appropriate to use this idiom when you feel like saying thank you is insufficient. You are basically saying that nothing you can possibly say is enough to repay the favor. For example: I can’t thank you enough for your help.

I’ll thank you to keep your opinions (about something) to yourself: When you don’t care about someone’s opinions about the matter at hand. Example: I’ll thank you to keep your opinions about my husband to yourself.

I’ll thank you to mind your own business: A fancier way of saying “mind your own business”. This sentence is usually used on its own. You can also say I’ll thank you to mind your own business from now on.

No, thank you: A polite way of saying no. However, interestingly, if you say “no—thank YOU!”, you are actually answering someone’s thank you with another thank you.

Thank you for a lovely (something): Very common usage of thank you. Replace something with evening, afternoon, day, dinner, weekend, adventure, wedding, date, party, meal, time or anything else you can think of.

Thank you very much: A grander version of thank you. The phrase can also be expanded; example: thank you very much for allowing me to meet you.

Thank you for calling: Among the first words you hear when you call customer support. Typically something like: Hello, thank you for calling the English-Ingles Information Center Information Line. How may we help you?

Thank you for taking care of me: Expressing gratitude for a person’s dedication to you while sick or just not feeling too well.

Thank you for all of your…: A way to thank someone for their something. You can thank someone for all of their help, assistance, guidance, information, understanding, love, blessings, prayers, beauty, friendship, generosity, support, advice, consideration, encouragement, kindness, genius, hard work, and even cookies.

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“Thank You” in Other Languages

Portuguese: obrigado.

Spanish: gracias.

Catalan: gràcies.

Czech: děkuji.

German: danke.

Russian: cпасибо.

Turkish: teşekkür ederim.

Korean: 고맙습니다.

Chinese: 谢谢.

Japanese: ありがとう.

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Other Nice Things to Say

Thank you for your patience and effortless beauty!

Thank you for your love, support, and the room to grow.

Thank you for your awesomeness.