What does “cómo estás” mean in Spanish?

Let’s look at some Spanish phrases that typically use this question:

¿Cómo estás hoy? – Literally how are you today?

The Spanish will add words in front of this question for various reasons. They will put amigo in it to ask how are you friend? They will add bonita or bella to it to ask how are you gorgeous? And so on.

The typical answer to this question is bien, ¿y tú? – this means good, and you?

¡Cómo estás disfrutando, hermano! – this is not a question; it means you’re really enjoying yourself, brother!

Other words you can put in front of this question that are typically used by the Spanish people include amigo, amor, ahora, bonita, bella, chica, corazón, cariño, chiquita, chico, cabrón, guapo, guapa, hermano, hermana, linda, lindo, loco, mi amor, papi, pendejo and tu.

Amigo – Friend

Amor – Love

Ahora – Now

Bonita – Pretty

Bella – Beautiful

Chica – Girl

Corazón – My heart

Cariño – Dear

Chiquita – Little girl

Chico – Boy

Cabrón – Asshole

Guapo – Beautiful (for men)

Guapa – Beautiful (for women)

Hermano – Brother

Hermana – Sister

Linda – Gorgeous (for women)

Lindo – Gorgeous (for men)

Loco – Crazy

Mi amor – My love

Papi – Daddy

Pendejo – Stupid

Tu – You (to say ¿Cómo estás tu? – literally How are you. This question is often used in response to another cómo estás; for example: Estoy bien. ¿Y cómo estás tu? I’m fine. And how are you?