What does “puta” mean in Spanish?

Puta in Spanish means whore or prostitute.

However, this word is a bit more complex than that because in Spanish you can make other interesting  and obscene sentences.

Such as:

    • ¡Me cago en la puta! – Literally means “I poop on the prostitute”. However, this is a poor direct translation. This expression is usually used express anger and surprise. Think of this very common phrase as the English “oh for the love of…”—which is something you say when you’re mad.

    • ¡Qué puta suerte tuvo otra vez! Automatic online translators can’t even translate this properly because they don’t know what it means. Puta is used here as a word to add emphasis—so the sentence really means: “he/she was so damned lucky again”.

  • Vivo solo en una puta casa – You’re starting to get the idea, right? Puta in this sense can mean damned, blasted, cursed, crappy, bad, atrocious, etc. This means “I live alone in an atrocious house”.

  • Me dejaste sin un puto duro – “You left me without any damned money”. The masculine form of puta used in the same way, but since duro is a masculine word, puto is used instead.

  • Hijo de puta – “Son of a…”—well, I think you know what this means.

  • Eres una puta – “You are a whore”.

So as you can see, this word can also mean something that is very hard or annoying.

But, it can also be used to indicate a person who practices prostitution.

Or even a double-faced person who acts with evil intent.

And also, it can mean something that is going really well, such as in the Spanish phrase, de puta madre—meaning “great”.

You really need to live in a Spanish country to fully understand how they use this obscene word, as they do use it constantly.