White Idioms

As the white on rice: As close as possible.

As white as snow: A fancy way of saying “very white”.

Bleed someone white: Extortion; taking someone’s money until they have nothing left.

Great white hope: Something (or someone) that carries the hopes of many people and is expected to succeed.

Pearly whites: Someone’s teeth.

Talk on the big white phone: The act of vomiting into the toilet.

I feel safe in white.

The men in white coats: The people who take care of mentally ill individuals.

Wave the white flag: An act of surrender.

White elephant: A metaphor for something that is an annoyance or an inconvenience.

White knight: Someone who saves others; a hero.

White knuckle: To survive something difficult; e.g. I had to white knuckle my way through rehab.

White lie: A small lie that is told to avoid hurt feelings.

White trash: Uneducated caucasians.

White wedding: A customary wedding where the marriage partner (usually the wife) is dressed in a white gown.

White-collar: Office work, typically of an intellectual nature.

Whiter than white: A different way of saying “very white”, but can also be used to describe someone who is very pure and good.

Words that start with White

Whitebait: Immature fishes, often mackerel, sardines and herring.

Whitebeard: An elderly person with a long white beard.

The beard of his chin was as white as the snow.

Whitefish: Freshwater fish with the genus Coregonus.

Whitefly: A type of fly that feeds on plant leaves. They are often considered pests.

Whitesmith: Also known as a tinsmith or tinner. Someone who works white white metal.

Whitethroat: A type of insectivorous songbird.

Whitewall: A specific type of pneumatic tyre.

Whitewash: A mixture that is used to paint something white. Can also mean obfuscating the truth about something, or to defeat an adversary with ease.

Whitetail: A type of deer.