Why Study English in Malta

1) English: Official Language of Malta

Malta has two official languages: Maltese and English.

Almost every individual who lives in Malta learns English (it’s mandatory in most cases) in school and about 90% of the population speaks English. Secondary and tertiary education is exclusively in English. Before the independence of 1964, Malta was part of the British Empire. In other words, English is still an official language. Most Maltese people learn English in school and that is why Malta can be a great place to learn English, since everyone around already speaks the language.

2) Malta is a Member of the European Union

Malta joined the European Union in January 1, 2008.

If you’re within the European Union, you can go to Malta without a visa as long as you stay there for less than 90 days. If you’re outside the European Union, you will require a visa.

3) You can Visit Sicily with a Ferry

Might not seem like much of an advantage, but personally, I’ve been to Sicily and it’s one of the most beautiful and magical places on Earth. Taormina is my favorite city, and the ability to enjoy Sicily whenever you want is a blessing, in my opinion.

4) Cheap Food

In restaurants, you can less for less than ten euros; a beer is two euros; all of these cost less than two euros: a kilo of rice, a kilo of apples, a kilo of tomatoes. A kilo of potatoes and a head of lettuce cost only one euro. One kilo is about 2.2 pounds, a British pound equals about 1.4 Euros, and a dollar equals about 0.90 Euros.

Malta is quite cheap especially when you take a look at London and the rest of the U.K. – stuff is really expensive there!

5) Cheap Transportation

A monthly pass costs about 25€. A liter (one liter is 0.26 U.S. gallons) costs less than 1.50€.

In London, a monthly pass for zones 1-4 costs no less than 250€!

See the difference?

6) Cheap Lifestyle

Essentially, basic bills cost about fifty percent less in Malta, when compared to other countries in the European Union. Utilities cost less than 100€ in most places, and rent is about 300€ outside the city center and 500€ in the city center. Of course, if you’re going to Malta to learn English and the academy gives you accommodations, you’ll pay even less.

In places like the U.K., Ireland, Norway, Switzerland and so on, you have to have twice as much money just do the same things you do in Malta.

7) Educational System

Malta has a good educational system. It uses the same teaching process as the U.K.; however, statistics are what you should really be looking at. As 90% of the people in Malta speak English, we can say that they’re successful.

8) Climate

Another advantage that might seem unimportant is the climate of Malta. It’s warm, with dry and hot summers and light winters. There are a fair amount of magazines and even weather scientists who claim that Malta has the best weather in the world.